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My name is Deon, owner of this website. I’m a passionate nature and wildlife photographer. Photography and being outdoors have been a passion of mine from a very young age.  

At age 24, I graduated as a Hydro-geologist and I have been fortunate to travel all over Africa on exploration projects and to work very close to nature.  Always travelling with my camera, photographing nature and beautiful landscapes, I soon realised that this was my true passion. 

Photo prints ordered from this online shop are of premium quality, industry-leading tech, quality inks, and premium materials are used to produce high-quality products that will add to your home decor and leave a lasting impression. 

When you buy something from this shop, you not only receive an amazing South25 product, but you also help make it possible to continue with my passion for photography.  

I am based in the capital city of Pretoria in South Africa, 25-degrees south of the equator, this being the inspiration behind the name of the website, South25 Photography.

Follow me on Instagram to see my photos of nature, wildlife and fantastic travel locations. Thank you for the support, and let’s explore the world together! 

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Giving Back
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